premium WordPress themes development -03 How to make our website dynamic

Hello guys welcome back in my website in this tutorial we are going to learn what is template tags and how to make our website dynamic,

 so, what is template files?  template files  are the way to make your website dynamic and template  tags is the way to call specific template to be placed and specific area in your page

so let’s put this in to Action and see what we can do?
I  will just place here basic HTML tags
 so here HTML for language and here charset and here viewport and the head body Header and main and footer,
  for now our website is static. So, here is Header  let’s point  here h1 and we call it footer Let’s open our website . so, here is our head and footer

but the website is static now

how we make it dynamic so well first thing we need to change the language we will change the language attribute because it can not be hardcoded like this So, how we change it.we will just the delete this, ok and we open PHP tag and we write language attribute and we close the tag so this is the way  to change the language to be dynamic .
users can use the themes  you create by any other language.
 so let’s check now. if we go to our admin area ,setting, general, change the language to any other language Espanol for example.

 save changes. ok ,let’s check  ok, now here the language is Espanol so, this Is the first step to make the language dynamic which any user change any language he want so let’s make it back English
so, this guys is very important because your themes can you sold all over the world

And the people can use other different language other things that we need to changed  to be dynamic here charset.
 we will just delete this and we open php tag and we call blog info() and this a accept parameter . which we get our blog info(),
 so last thing we need to do to make you footer and your header fully dynamic,
 that we will go that our themes directory and we will create

footer.php and Header.php,

 click new , file,  save as, go our themes directory,
  then  we will create header.php save it ,  and we will create footer.php, save .
  then we will go to our index and we will talk all the header we go to the new Header , files , save it , we go to index again we delete this and we take our footer, copy. we go to footer.php, so then we will back to index

 click new , file,  save as, go our themes directory,
  then  we will create header.php save it ,  and we will create footer.php, save .
  then we will go to our index and we will talk all the header we go to the new Header , files , save it , we go to index again we delete this and we take our footer, copy. we go to footer.php, so then we will back to index

And we will open php tag and we will write get_Header and we write down get_footer  let’s refresh,
 we have the same thing that’s mean our header and footer is working,
 if we go to Header . we make any change ,
we change word our Header we writed hello, save .
refresh, ok. now our Header and our footer is completely dynamic. Ok.
So, this was for now. so one last thing we need to add before we finish.
 we go to Header and we opened the php tag.

 and we call it wp_head(),  and we go to footer and open PHP tag and we call it wp_footer() , so this to add CSS style or JavaScript from function.php not just placed in header and footer we will see that later and in next lecture

We will start talking about the loop. Ok. So, until that see you and happy coding

How to develop a Premium Themes for sell

Hello, welcome in my Website. My Name is Salah

So in this course. I’m going to teach you “How to develop a Premium Themes for sell”

so which you can sell it in Themes for sell or any other market place Which sell Digital Products

So, What we will study in this Course?
In this Course I’m not going to teach you CSS , HTML or Java Script But in this course I will focus only on the Back-end
I will take you to dive deep into PHP and WordPress function

So, in this course we will focus only “What is behind the see ! “
So, if you are looking to be a Developer / WordPress Developer /Back-end. Then, This course is for you.

So, To start This course you should first  have the Basic Knowledge of CSS, HTML, Java Script and PHP

So what tools you need to start this course For first of all. You need to set up  XAMPP on your local machine or if you are fine in any other program which can install your local server in your local machine. That’s fine Second, you need to go to WordPress.ORG/download/  and than download WordPress and install it in your server. So this is everything to get started And let’s Start from next lecture for” how to create your very own premium WordPress Themes ” So until that. See you 😉

Hello guys welcome in my website my name is Salah and welcome in first Tutorial for how to create first step for your own premium themes

Ok so now let’s start creating our own themes if we go to WordPress now installation you go appearance and you click themes ok, than you will find you normal themes which there and then let’s start to create our own

So you’ll go to the WordPress directory where is installation ok you will find 3 folders wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes so, wp-includes its core files for WordPress

And wp-content is where is our themes and plugins is located
 so if you are a WordPress developer
 so you not need to change anything in wp-includes because every WordPress update
 it’s all over right on what you did change So you go wp-content and here you have this folders plugins and themes
so what we need for now in the themes
 so, we need to create our first themes so, we create new folder and call it as our new themes

In this case I will call it seoblog ok then you will need to open your code editor I use brackets you can use any editor you wish
here I will go inside the themes directory
 I get the directory and I will go to brackets and click new,  file, save as, I go to my themes directory and first file we will create is index.php and saved
We need to create other,  click file so we will add new and we will save as
 go to our directory and we will call it style.css then we clicked save so, now we have index and we have style so let’s go and see what happened in our WordPress

If we click the refresh , then we find our themes that appear seoblog so, let’s active it to see what’s happened the themes is activated
ok. so, in order to make picture to your themes you need to just add screenshot.png in your folder directory for example if we go to any other themes like twentynineteen we take the screenshot
here, we make it copy and go to our themes and we paste it. let’s refresh and the see what will happened
 ok. the picture is appear .so, what ever picture do you want to appear here, you design it and you simply name it screenshot.png
 and you place it in your themes directory
 ok. So, in order to right info about  our new themes we just place this code so this code it will be as a comment in style.CSS

First you write the themes name then the themes URL, you write the URL of your website or company or website you work in
Author : name ,,,and here Author link, you can place if you have your own website or CV online

description: you write here description you want

 version:  here you write version in this case it will be 1.0

 text-domain :you write the name of themes
licence URL : you write the licence information you want and in this case we are creating this theme forest
 tags: you write any tags you want, for example e-commerce, Custom and blog

 so what ever tags you want give it to your themes, you add it here and you click save

now our themes is ready here but it’s blank so when we activated we go to visit site it’s blank
 so, in order to see that everything is working well,
we go to our index ,file  and we create like any tag (h1)
than we say welcome, save it .let’s go to our website back, click refresh

Ok now everything working perfect
so there is other things I want to talk about <

you go to your WordPress installation and go to to wp-config, PHP you open it, and you go down define (‘wp-Debug’)
 here is false , you set it true,
so, why are we are making this true?
 we are making this true because this when any error coming in PHP in our themes ,

 than, it will appear in our website  so, you can Solve and see what is error appeared !

Because when it  false it not show the error but when it go to review  for themes forest

 then your themes will get rejected because they for sure they make it changed to true and they will see what is wrong in your themes

 So, in order to make sure that your themes it follow all guide line which provided by themes forest, we have a plugin we need to install this plugin is called “themes forest-check” go to plugin add new, and you search for “themes forest-check” and install now , activate

ok. Now the plugin is active Successfully

 so there is other plugin
 it very important to install,
 which call themes check ,
ok this two plugin we just install it showing you guideline and very recommend settings which accepted by
 and accepted by WordPress.ORG.
 to make your themes pass there refuse
so, here if we go appearance click themes check
 we choose the themes we want,
 we click check it
 ok,  now all this is error

Here required required required required
all this error because we didn’t make anything yet

so , we will fix all this
so guys this was everything for now,  and in next lecture we will start write some coding so see you